New Baby

Baby Orange

Orange and yellow colors for a new baby.

Baby Blue

Blue and yellow colors for a new baby.

Baby Pink

Pink and purple colors for a new baby.


Fruit of Love

Shown at $90
(tropical availability is subject to change)

Valentine's Day Special 1

Princess Anne’s Lace

A classic design featuring your choice of rose.
Featured here are our gorgeous burgundy heart roses.

half dozen: $60
full dozen: $90


Congratulations on your ______!

You’re Amazing

Shown at $150

For an accomplishment or a leap in life, this bundle of high end flowers is sure to show your recipient just how much you appreciate them.

Happy Basket

Shown at $80

A basket of flowers, perfect for a new home or brightening an old one. 


Sparkle Unicorn

Shown at $75

Little unicorn’s first flowers. Made with glitter-dipped flowers, this one is perfect for congrats after a recital, for a birthday, or any significant event for a child.