The New Leaf is the place to get unique and custom made wearable flowers for your event.  Please contact us in advance for flower availability and pricing details.

Boutonniere: Starts at $18
Pin Corsage: Starts at $30
Wristlet Corsage:  Starts at $35


Freesia Boutonniere



Succulent Boutonniere

Photo of Courtesy of Leigh Skaggs


Blue, Silver, & Spray Roses
Succulent Corsage

@princelandscapes on instagram

Succulent Corsage

@princelandscapes on instagram

Fancy Pet Flowers

We can create pet-safe flower crowns, collars, and adornments for leashes.  So cute!  Call for pricing and availability!

norfolk va florist cat pet
norfolk va florist dogtown dog puppy
norfolk va florist dog pet puppy dogtown
norfolk va florist flower crown dog puppy dogtown